Tuya APP WiFi + GSM Dual Network Intelligent Voice Burglar Alarm​ System Wireless Security Home Alarms Remote Control ​Multiple Languages Arm Disarm​ PIR SOS​ Alarm Auto Dialing VF-CS118

Name: Tuya APP WiFi + GSM Dual Network Intelligent Voice Burglar Alarm System Wireless Security Home Alarm Systems Remote Control Auto Dialing Touch Keyboard Multiple Languages Arm Disarm PIR SOS Alarm

Model: VF-CS118

Brand: VinFine

Brief Introduction:

The intelligent voice WIFI + GSM(2G) network alarm system, which is a classic appearance and ultra-thin appearance style design. It adopts 2.4 inch TFT color screen display design with stable and reliable performance, full wireless transmission, one-click operation matching wireless accessories, when the host receives any detector alarm, the host displays alarm defense zone, and attributes, and the scene sends out 85 decibel alarm, at the same time, it adopts graffiti intelligent APP control, which is stable and easy to connect. It pushes mobile APP, text message and calls user alarms. It is widely used in families, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, financial offices, villas, residential areas and other places that need protection, all-round protection of personal and property safety.


◆ 2.4 inch TFT full color LCD screen display

◆ Touch key disc operation, wireless transmission, simple installation

◆ One machine and two networks WIFI/GSM(2G), never disconnected, safer and more assured

◆ Support doorbell button tone function, Ding Dong, Ding Dong (default)

◆ One-click SOS secret distress alarm; Support stress code, can call the alarm secretly in case of emergency (default alarm sound, can be set)

◆ Support 9 languages: Chinese, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian (default English)

◆ Support remote WIFI network APP alarm push, phone, SMS, and other multi-channel alarm methods and management

◆ Support 5 sets of preset alarm calls and SMS numbers, and support on/off management of each set of numbers

◆ One-click operation adds wireless accessories, no defense zone, attributes, names, etc.

◆ Support the main door, hall, help, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, water leakage, doorbell, PIR detector, door magnetic detector and other defense zone's name, number arbitrary setting

◆ Support for out-of-town defense zone, left-behind defense zone, doorbell, mute defense zone, 24-hour defense zone and other defense zone types setting

◆ Support multiple extended alarm display and alarms, such as main power failure, backup battery low power, anti-skid alarm, etc.

◆ Dual horn alarm sound design, built-in horn (default) support external audio alarm (optional)

◆ Support free arm and disarm function

◆ Support arbitrary input of defense zone number

◆ Support timing arm and disarm, and message operation.

◆ Support telephone function, similar to an ordinary telephone

◆ Support 1 group password management for users (closed by default), see the instructions for opening

◆ Support IOS Apple system (in version 12.3.1) and Android system


◆ Power Supply: AC110~230V, DC5V 1A (micro USB standard interface)
◆ Backup Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Battery
◆ Operating Voltage: <120mA
◆ Standby Current: ≤10uA
◆ Alarm Output: ≤500mA
◆ GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
◆ GSM Network: 2G
◆ Wireless Frequency: 433MHZ
◆ Wireless Coding: Ev1527
◆ WIFI System: IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standard
◆ Alarm Transport: WIFI+GSM
◆ Alarm Decibel: ≥85dB
◆ Working Temperature: -10℃-60℃
◆ Working Humidity: ≦95%
◆ Standard Package: 1* Alarm Host, 1* Wireless PIR Motion Sensor, 1* Wireless Door Sensor, 1* Wireless Remote Control, 1* Wireless Doorbell Button, 1* USB Cable, 1* Box

Product Pictures:

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